Flavia Furtado Calixto MBACP

Improve your self-esteem and the relationships with yourself and the people you love.

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EMDR Therapy

Flavia Furtado Calixto MBACP

To feel passionate and optimistic about life again?

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Psychotherapy can help you

Flavia Furtado Calixto MBACP

To better deal with events that cause you stress and anxiety?

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Restoring your confidence
To improve your self-esteem and your relationship with others and with yourself
Leave The Past Behind
To feel passionate and optimistic about life again.
Strengthening Resilience
To better deal with events that cause you stress and anxiety.

What is EMDR?

A brain based therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy approach designed to work with distressing or traumatic experiences.

The theory behind EMDR is that many psychological difficulties are the result of life experiences that have not been stored in memory properly and are considered unprocessed or blocked.

These memories may need some help to process, and EMDR is one way to do that.


A collaborative journey

Non-directive and non-judgmental

Working integratively means that I draw upon a variety of approaches based on your unique needs because as humans we are diverse and complex beings. There is therefore not one singular approach that is clinically adequate for all clients and situations. Within a flexible and personalised approach to treatment, you can expect the following from our sessions:

  • Mutual trust, respect and confidentiality;
  • Shared decision-making and agreement on the goals of therapy;
  • The freedom to share any negative emotional responses, thoughts and feelings;
  • Co-constructing a space within which you feel comfortable and able to share and experience difficult emotions;
  • Empathic support in undoing self-criticism, as well as challenging, and changing behaviours;
  • A caring space within which we can explore difficult, traumatic and painful relationships, feelings or events;
  • Knowledge and expertise that can help regulate, mitigate, and alleviate physical trauma responses within your body.


Free 15 min Consultation


Psychotherapy for the teens and guidance for parents.


A space to take care of yourself emotionally.


Sessions for children from 7 years old. Parent guidance.

My Biography

About Me

Hi, I’m Flavia F Calixto.
I am an EMDR Therapist with 20 years of experience in counselling and psychotherapy, have worked with adults, young people and children in my private practice in Brazil and UK. 

I am a qualified Psychologist who graduated in 2002 in Brazil and a Psychotherapist in the UK. I belong to the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy  Society UK (BACP). This means that I abide by their ethical framework while working as an Integrative Therapist and that I undertake frequent CPD and receive regular supervision to make sure my work is clinically safe.

My passion has always been to work with people, supporting personal growth and helping people develop happier and more meaningful lives, providing a safe environment where they can find inner strength and resilience.

I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds and can help you with a variety of concerns. My clients tell me that I am warm, insightful and understanding.

My practice draws on a relationally and integrative approach, focusing on the therapeutic relationship while we work together. 

I also have knowledge of EMDR, Brainspotting, Bioenergetics Analyses and Trauma Informed Practice and may draw on those should they be relevant to our work together.

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The session will always be focused on you and your experience. Let’s work together to understand and explore your thoughts, behaviors and feelings and reflect on your life experiences.

Simple Process

How Does it Work?

A collaborative journey that need two steps to start.

Step 1:

Schedule your 15 min Free Consultation

Therapy can help you see things in a new light and support you through difficult times.

I understand that taking the first step towards seeking help can be difficult. Asking for support can be stressful in itself and can make you feel vulnerable and embarrassed. However, taking that step could be the key to a fresh start.

To help you with this first step, I offer a brief “pre-session” (free and without obligation).

Step 2:

We discuss it and create a plan

In this initial contact we will discuss your needs, expectations and how they can be addressed in therapy. It is a moment where you can get to know me and have more information about my work.

This way, you can assess whether you feel an affinity for us to work together. And then you can schedule your first session, in it we will outline a plan with goals you want to achieve with the therapeutic process.

What our clients say

Client Testimonials

“Flavia Calixto has been working with our family for a few months now. She is an exceptional therapist and has a lot of knowledge in the EMDR. The therapy and EMDR has helped our teenage daughter and myself tremendously in many ways in our everyday life. The way our daughter copes with difficult emotions now is totally positive and different. I highly recommend Flavia Calixto in therapy and EMDR treatment. She is going to help you in every way how to alleviate your emotions, thoughts and feelings.” ” 
The EMDR is a powerful tool in therapy and the results we have been having with Flavia is absolutely noticeable in our everyday life.
Ponte Vedra - Florida - USA